Exploring and Controlling Internal System in your computer with System Explorer

Do you want to know what process run by your computer completely? Who nows between process and task run there is one process from virus or dangerous threat! Hmm, you don’t have to worry since you can see and arrange all your process, task, and all activity run by your computer system using System Explorer!

Exploring and Controlling Internal System in your computer with System Explorer

System Explorer is a software you can use to control and watch information detail of whole process run in your computer.

These are complete features from System Explorer:

1. Displaying complete information about process, task, module, startup, IE addon, Uninstaller, windows, service, driver, connection and file you’ve opened.
2. Easy to do checking to process or task you suspected or you don’t know by using VirusTotal, Jotti or File Database.
3. Make you easier in monitoring all process, activity, and system change happened in your computer.
4. It is equipped with graph showed your system resource usage.
5. It is equipped with complete information about system status and your laptop battery status.

System Explorer can be used to exchange default task manager from your windows computer. How to do it is just by accessing menu “Option –> Replace Task Manager”. By that way, default task manager would be replaced by system explorer with detail of more complete process information

For you who have interest to use System Explorer, you can download it in this link:

System Explorer Installer version



System Explorer Portable version


This System Explorer can be used in computer with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating system.

By using system explorer, you can see and control all process and task run in your computer system, do checking to all process you didn’t recognize and suspicious, also turn off every process and task you didn’t want. I hope this information would be useful:)

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