Extension Indexer: Tools to search File according to Extension easily

For you who have many files in a folder or drive, you should get trouble when searching files you needed. Moreover if files in the folder consisted of many different extension, it would make you difficult to find the files you searched. For you who wanted to search file according to its extension, there is a free tool you can use: Extension Indexer!

Extension Indexer: Tools to search File according to Extension easily

Extension Indexer is a software you can use to do scanning on folder or folder collection and indexing files in the folder according to its extension. When Extension Indexer has indexed file according to its extension, you can easily access and do some actions such as:

1. Run a file by double clicking on the file.
2. You can also do multi selection in file with same extension or you can also do extension selection to choose all files with extension included into the extension.
3. Erasing files you’ve chosen quick and simple
4. You can remove all files you wanted. If there is a duplicate file, there will be option for overwrite, don’t move or rename.
5. You can also erase folder you wanted

For you who wanted to use this Extension Indexer software, please download in this link:



Click on Download Extension Indexer link

Download Extension Indexer

This Extension Indexer needs Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 to work well. Download Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 here, if you haven’t installed it yet.


By this Extension Indexer, indexing and finding file according to its extension will be easier and faster. Enjoy trying :)

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