Finding and Erasing Empty Folders Automatically Using Empty Folder

When you were installing a software in your computer, a new directory will be created automatically to store that application file. This directory then used as a place to store anything related with application such as, project data, log files etc. When you didn’t use this application, then uninstalled it, those files automatically will be deleted, but often their folders were still left.

It will take a lot of effort to find and delete such empty folders manually. Actually it won’t effect the computer performance, but I’m pretty sure you won’t feel comfortable watching so many unused empty folders spread in your hard drive.

Empty Folder Cleaner is a Windows application which made you possible to find and delete those empty folders from your hard disk automatically. You’ll have option to send deleted file into Recycle Bin, delete it directly, or creating backup before you deleted them. If file you found is locked, you can open it before deleting process by using built-in Unlocker file and folder facility.

You can download Empty Folder Cleaner in:

After installation procedure, you’ll find out this application has interface provided 38 different languages. Moreover, this application makes you possible to specify ‘rule’ to define this a file which you considered as junk file, specify directory which you needed to be ignored when do scan and protect certain file and folder (protected file and folder won’t be erased, even if it is marked as folder junk or empty).

Finding and Erasing Empty Folders Automatically Using Empty Folder

Main interface of the program has folder tree on the left side, while Scan folders, Delete Empty Folders, Check All and Uncheck All options provided on the right side. To do scan in hard disk, select the directory you wanted to scan on the left side and click on Scan button. All empty folders would be listed on the right side. You can check on folder found by clicked on Check All folders or just selected some folders and files to be erased. The program will differ folders found into four categories, they are Empty, Junk, Protected and Normal.

Finding and Erasing Empty Folders Automatically Using Empty Folder

Window Options can be accessed from Tools menu above and makes you possible to configure what this application will do. You can select to change file and folder to unlock before erasing it, ignored hidden files, etc. You can also select default deleted mode, which stored backup (Keep backups), erasing Recycle Bin (Delete to Recycle Bin) and permanently cured and erased permanently (Delete Permanently). Other Tab is in dialog box, makes you possible to specify directory, junk, and what have been ignored when scanning, selected file and folder to be protected and manage backup made by this application.

After I tried it, there are still some bugs in this application. For example, Explore facility, when we right-clicked on certain folder cannot be used (which it supposed to be made us possible to check on certain folder content). However, this application is quite useful to delete unused folders so it won’t cater our hard drive.

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