Finding out the cause of BlueScreen in your computer with BlueScreenView

Has your computer ever got BlueScreen in a sudden? BlueScreen is an event where your computer screen suddenly blue caused by a crash on your computer. This BlueScreen used to happen since driver you accessed crashed.

When BlueScreen is happened, thing we did usually restarting or turning our computer off and on again. We don’t know what cause the BlueScreen and which driver got crash that made it appear. Finally, although BlueScreen happened often in our computer, we didn’t find out what is the cause.

For you who want to find out more what cause the BlueScreen, you can use BlueScreenView software. Finding out the cause of BlueScreen is so important since by knowing what the cause, we can find the solution easier.

BlueScreenView is a software you can use to see the cause of BlueScreen (BSOD / Blue Screen of Death) through crash information on dump files.

BlueScreenView works by scanning all minidump file created when BlueScreen happened. The information then displayed in a table contained minidump files name, date, and time when crash happened. Basic information about crash, also which driver or module caused the crash. (file name, product name, file description and file version)

BlueScreenView can be used in computer with Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating system
For you who want to download BlueScreenView, please follow this guidance:

1. Download BlueScreenView software here:


Install BlueScreenView

2. Double click on BlueScreenView installer and do installation process until it finish.

After BlueScreenView installed in your computer and you open it, you’ll find 2 main panel from BlueScreenView. Upper panel contain all BlueScreen Crash information stored in your computer minidump file. While its detail would be displayed on the lower panel. BlueScreenView will also display BlueScreen which is similar with BlueScreen Windows when crash happened



Important thing you should remember is in order to make this BlueScreenView work, your computer should be configured to store minidump file when crash happened. The tips could be read in my previous article titled: “Configuring your Windows to create Minidump file when BlueScreen Happened


My Review about BlueScreenView

1. This BlueScreenView tool has small size, no more than 125kb.
2. It has function to make us easier to detect error that made BlueScreen (BSOD) in Windows Computer

1. For you who still unfamiliar with computer, you could misunderstand the information displayed.

Final Verdict:
Recommended! For you who got BlueScreen (BSOD) often and curious about the cause, please download and use this BlueScreenView. My rate for this BlueScreen is 8 from 10.

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