Firefox 4.0.1 has released. What Improvement has done?

Today Mozilla has released Firefox 4.0.1. This Firefox 4.0.1 is an improvement version from Firefox 4 which has released some moments ago. There are some important problem related with security and stability fixed. Bugs which has repaired are:

Firefox 4.0.1 has released

1. There was security crack in Firefox 4 which can be used by irresponsible person to install software and inject dangerous script code without any interaction with user. It was certainly serious security problem since hacker can certainly use this crack to steal your private data, etc.

2. There was security crack can be used to steal sensitive data in a site. This crack could also be used to inject data or code to the site.

3. There was other security crack such as Denial of service attacks, minor data leaks or spoof. This crack can be used by irresponsible person to steal data from certain site.

4. There are some security crack existed in non-default configuration condition.

All the crack has been fixed in this Firefox version 4.0.1. So, for you who have not updated your firefox 4, please update here.

Updating firefox 4 browser to the latest version, which is firefox 4.0.1 will evade you from security danger which can attack and cause loss on you anytime.


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