First PDF: Software to convert PDF to Word and Text

If you often busy with references, probably you’re a students who got a lot of tasks from school or senior student who’s writng a thesis, probably reference with pdf format bothering you. Copy paste from .pdf file to word takes a lot of time and caused trouble. But now, there’s an application which change .pdf document to word and text format without manually do setting configuration. You can try First PDF.

First PDF is a free Windows application which made you possible to convert PDF document to doc and text. This application also makes you possible to change it into different image format, such as PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, GIF and Multi TIFF. This application will be useful when you edit a PDF file to MS word (in simple word, copy paste) to your website.

OK, let’s just download the program in:

Then, directly install it into your PC or laptop. You’ll be welcome by this simple display:

First PDF: Software to convert PDF to Word and Text

To use it, you just have to click on select PDF, then browse file you wanted from your hard disk. The next procedure, you just have to click on GO.

First PDF: Software to convert PDF to Word and Text

PDF First will process your PDF file and give the output in the form you wanted.

First PDF: Software to convert PDF to Word and Text
Unfortunately, according to my experience, word result is not promising. It’s often appeared in column form which is difficult to be copied. The alternative, you can use the more text format (can be opened with Notepad application), then you can manage it in Microsoft Word.

This application may not be superior. But it’s quite light and easy to use, so it would help you a lot in managing pdf files you wanted to use as reference.

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