Force a Program to Close and Restart by Task ForceQuit Pro

When there’s a problem about the application you used, or probably when you played a game which need a huge memory support, you used to use Windows Task Manager to close another application. The benefit, you can run the program you wanted and optimize your CPU and memory performance. However, if you’re not too expert in managing your Windows Task Manager to close running application, you’d probably confuse and worry that what you will close is an important program.

In this case, you can use Task Force Quit. This is an application which made you easier to close or restart running application, so you will be able to optimize your PC and memory ability. By this application, you can quit from application (Quit Task), restart application, restart explorer.exe process, restart whole system even shutdown your computer from its interface.

You can download and install Task ForceQuit Pro from:

Force a program to close and restart by Task ForceQuit Pro

In installation, you will get option to download and install CleanMyPC. Make sure to erase the tick in this application, because I’m sure it’s not application you want to receive, am I right?

Force a program to close and restart by Task ForceQuit Pro

After installation procedure finished, you’ll get simple interface appeared in your screen. The main interface will directly display all application you opened at that tiem. In each opened application display, there’s an option to Quit or Restart or Shutdown your PC using related button.

Force a program to close and restart by Task ForceQuit Pro

When you close the program, this application will enter the system tray. Clicking on system tray icon will return the main interface in your monitor screen, meanwhile, if you do right-click on the icon, it will display running application list and option to Force Quit or restart without opening the main interface.

According to my opinion, this is quite attractive application for beginner in computer field. By using it, you can manage the application you need to run or not, then maximizing your PC performance to run certain application, mainly game which probably need optimum memory and processor usage.

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