10 Free Best Email Client Software for Windows

Is your work always related with email? If the answer is yes, you surely stared at browser and always wait new email in Inbox folder. If you feel it’s all so tiring, you’d better use email client software. By using email client, you’d be able to receive and send email without opening browser and waiting for the incoming email. Besides, you’ll receive a notification when for incoming email, you’d just have to use email client software.

There are so many email client software you can use, each software has their own pros and cons. This time SOT will discuss about 10 free best email client software for Windows.




SOT once discussed this email client software, this software is quite good to be used as email receiver and sender via desktop. EmailTray is also available for Android, so you can receive and send email wherever you are when you use Android with full internet connection.

EmailTray also has category grouping which separated important and unimportant email. It would be very helpful, wouldn’t it? So, you won’t be deceived if email you received is spam and you open it. Unfortunately, email tray cannot integrate with contact in email.

Download EmailTray


Download EmailTray Android




Free Best Email Client Software for Windows

About this email client software, you’d probably familiar about it. Thunderbird is a popular email client software. The beginning of Thunderbird is in 2004 which it was already downloaded 500,000 times in first three days after it is released. It’s so popular, isn’t it? The benefits of using Thunderbird is, you can read and reply email right away, grouping email with folders, able to filter junk mail or spam, reading RSS, and many more. However, unfortunately Thunderbird cannot attach site, documents, and others.

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Windows Live Mail


You can also use original software fromWindows, which is Windows Live Mail. But you have to install Windows Essential first to enjoy Windows Live Mail. Windows Live Mail can also connect with SkyDrive account if you have it. Unfortunately, Windows Live Mail can only be found in Windows Vista, 7, and 8. For you, Windows XP user, it’s such a pity for cannot enjoy Windows Live Mail.

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Free Best Email Client Software for Windows

For this email client software, SOT shall raise thumbup. Although you still in offline condition, you’re still able to read incoming email. Zimbra is also able to access calendar from social network such as Facebook, Digg, Tweet, and many more. If you have many email account, then Zimbra would be able to store all of them. It can also read all contacts you have in email account you added to Zimbra. If you got email in form of document, you can edit it directly. The weakness of Zimbra desktop is, difficult to be used by a beginner. Another thing is a mess Gmail display.

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eM Client

Free Best Email Client Software for Windows

Thunderbird is so popular, but don’t you know that eM Client have better feature than Thunderbird? eM Client is also able to integrate gmail account, calendar, contact, task, and GTalk. You can also add widget in this eM Client. There’s also a free and pro version for this eM Client. Unfortunately, for the free version, you can only add two email accounts only.

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Claws Mail

Free Best Email Client Software for Windows

If you don’t want to be bothered in display and usage, Claws Mail is an appropriate software. Claws Mail offered simple and also easy-to-use display for a beginner for email client software. Unfortunately, this application is difficult to be used for importing data.

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Free Best Email Client Software for Windows

If you want to get fun and easy-to-use email client software display, you can try IncrediMail. IncrediMail is really easy to be used and it’s also able to protect you from email junk, spam or phising. Moreover, you can add toolbar in browser you used to search email. Unfortunately, this IncrediMail less filtering email in folder, it doesn’t offer template to reply email fast and also there’s an advertising for free version.

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Pegasus Mail

Free Best Email Client Software for Windows

One of the best software for email client is Pegasus Mail. By using Pegasus Mail, you’ll be protected from HTML email contained virus and explot code. By checking language like English British and US, drag and drop when you want to send attachment email. This software weakness is, when you search for email, it would be a bit slow. Also there’s no folder to make you easier grouping your mail.

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Sea Monkey

Free Best Email Client Software for Windows

In fact, Mozilla also develop other email client which is worked with Netscape, which is SeaMonkey. SeaMonkey is an internet application which is able to be used for email client, IRC chat, HTML editor and many more. Sea Monkey is also able to filter spam and also let you to give tags in all email as you need according to you. Unfortunately, SeaMonkey is so slow in searching email and there’s also no template to make you easier replying email.

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Dream Mail

Free Best Email Client Software for Windows

The last email client is DreamMail. DreamMail is an email client which is able to management your email and RSS feed by the support of label, moreover, you can get accurate email searching. You can also create your own template to reply email. DreamMail weakness is error when you use US English language, and also Chinese.

Download DreamMail



That was list of 10 free and best email client software you can use in Windows. Which one is the best according to you from email client software above? If you asked it to SOT, surely EmailTray Desktop.

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