10 Free Best WordPress Theme Starter

If you want to create website or blog using WordPress basis (FYI SOT also use WordPress!), then appearance is one thing you need to pay attention. Light, unique, but pretty appearance can make your blog visitors fall in love.

To make you easier and faster in designing unique WordPRess theme, you can use WordPress theme starter. By theme starter you just need to do what you need. In theme starter, all basic needed by a theme has been prepared. You’d just have to edit and modify as design you wanted. There are so many free WordPress theme you can use as theme starter. Today, SOT will give you 10 best WordPRess theme starter you can get for free!


1. Roots

Roots is tend to framework than theme starter. But its clean coding output made this theme suitable to be used as opening theme to develop WordPress theme you wanted. This roots are already responsive and made according to HTML5 Boilerplate and Twitter Bootstrap.

Download Roots here:

Free Best WordPress Theme Starter


2. Bones

Bones is a responsive wordpress theme starter which prioritize mobile users. Bones is made according to HTML5 Boilerplate and equipped with complete documentation.

Download Bones here:

Free Best WordPress Theme Starter


3. Skeleton

Skeleton is made specifically for you who want to design simple and responsive wordpress themes. It is equipped by various typography style, form, accordion, even special style for bbpress (forum) and jigoshop (e-commerce).

Download Skeleton here:

Free Best WordPress Theme Starter


4. Underscores

Underscores or popularly called _s is a wordpress theme starter made by Automattic, WordPress maker. Underscores is quite easy to be used and becomes the favorite for many wordpress theme designer.

Download Underscores here:

Free Best WordPress Theme Starter


5. Thematic

Thematic is made by SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as priority. It made Thematic is suitable to be used as starter theme if you want to create blog with news/tutorial based. Thematic is equipped by 13 widget area, dropdown menu, layout grid, plugin integration, and also shortcodes.

Download Thematic here:

Free Best WordPress Theme Starter


6. The Bootstrap

The Bootstrap is WordPress theme starter made according to Twitter Bootstrap. It is equipped with custom jQuery plugin, gallery, icon set, carousel, also various other features made The Bootstrap also one correct theme starter option.

Download The Bootstrap here:

Free Best WordPress Theme Starter


7. Foundation

Foundation is a theme starter made according to Foundation Framework and HTML5 Boilerplate. Foundation offered various features which are ready to use for creating WordPress-basis blog.

Download Foundation here:

Free Best WordPress Theme Starter


8. Starkers

Starkers offered “blank” theme starter which is ready to be designed as you wanted. So don’t be surprised when you get a ‘blank-like’ appearance. It is intended to be so that you can create anything with design you think and there would be no part of this theme starter you will throw away.

Download Starkers here:

Free Best WordPress Theme Starter


9. Handcrafted WP

Handcrafted WP starter theme is made according to toolbox starter theme and HTML5 Boilerplate. Offers various features like managed menu, dashboard widget, post format, etc.

Download Handcrafted WP here:

Free Best WordPress Theme Starter


10. Toolbox

Toolbox is a basic used by hadcrafted WP in creating theme starter. This WordPress theme offers sematic, HTML5, also ultra minimal and super clean template.

Download Toolbox here:

Free Best WordPress Theme Starter


Those are ten best wordpress theme starter according to SOT. by those wordpress theme starters, you can create wordpress theme faster. But remember, this wordpress theme starter is not a ready to use theme. Its display is often ‘empty’ which you need to design it first. Theme starter’s functions would be only accelerate your wordpress theme development as design you’ve planned.

WordPress is one of 3 best free platform to create website easily. Correct theme and design selection will improve your website / blog value in visitors’ eyes. I wish it would be useful :)

Chris Febian is the founder of spyontech.com. He spent his time by testing new software and writing some reviews of them. This blog is one of his favorite place to publish his reviews.

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