Free Software to Make Your Laptop Battery Last Longer!

If you have laptop and felt that your battery is too lavish, don’t get hurry to exchange your battery. Try this free software: BatteryCare! BatteryCare is a software which you could use to make your laptop battery last longer and not wasteful. The good news is, this BatteryCare could be got for free!

BatteryCare make your laptop battery last longer!

BatteryCare make your laptop battery last longer!


BatteryCare is really fit for new laptop to keep the battery. However, it could also be used in old laptop to make its battery last longer.


BatteryCare features are:

1. BatteryCare used complex algorithm to monitor discharge cycle of your laptop battery, so you could find the right time to do charging or disengage your charge cable. BatteryCare would remind you trough Pops up when you should disengage the charge and when you’ve got to do charge.

2. giving complete information about your laptop battery status. It is benefit for several laptop which didn’t give complete information about its battery status (battery capacity, consumption, manufacturer, usage level, etc).

3. BatteryCare will always monitor the temperature of your laptop’s CPU and HDD.

4. with BatteryCare, you could select power plans you wanted easier.

5. BatteryCare will automatically disable the graphic accelerate theme and demanding services on windows vista (or famous called with windows aero theme) when your battery left only a little power and enable it again when your battery is on the safe level

6. BatteryCare has notification area information consisted important information collection about your laptop battery like temperature, charge status, battery power time left, and power plans you used.

7. BatteryCare has auto update feature. If the latest version from this BatteryCare released, BatteryCare would automatically update

8. BatteryCare is really light and it will not load your computer resource since it only need 0.1% from your computer processor and memory resource.


To download and install this BatteryCare, it’s so easy. Follow these steps:

1. Download BatteryCare here:


2. Extract first

Extract BatteryCare Installer

3. Double click on SetupBatteryCare.exe

Double Click BatteryCare installer to install BatteryCare

4. Click on Next

Click Next to install BatteryCare

Steps 5 – 11 below only appeared when your laptop didn’t have .net framework 2 from Microsoft

5. if there is instruction to install the latest framework, Click on Next (it only appear for laptop which didn’t have .net framework needed by BatteryCare)

Click Next to install Microsoft .Net Framework

6. A Microsoft page will be opened, just click on download.

Download Microsoft .Net Framework

7. Double Click on dotnetfx.exe

Double Click the installer to install Microsoft .Net Framework

8. Click on next

Click Next to install Microsoft .Net Framework

9. Select “I accept..” and click on Install

Select I Accept and Click on Install to install Microsoft .Net Framework

10. Click on Finish if the .net framework installation has done.

11. Return to BatteryCare installation, click on “Finish”

Click Finish

Remember: steps 5 – 11 above are only appeared when your laptop still didn’t framework 2 from Microsoft.

12. Click on Next few times then click on Install

Click on Next to install BatteryCare

13. Click on Finish.

Click on Finish to install BatteryCare

Congratulation! Now you’ve already installed BatteryCare. This BatteryCare would make your laptop battery last longer and durable.


My Review about BatteryCare software:


This software’s advantages is so huge. We know when the right time to do charging, disengage the charging cable, took off the battery and put it back. By the support of this BatteryCare, laptop battery is proven to be far durable and last longer


BatteryCare is not equipped with alarm to remind user when the battery should be charged or discharged. BatteryCare only display popup which we sometimes don’t realize it appearance when we busy in using our laptop.

Final Verdict:

It is free software that MUST be installed. RECOMMENDED! My rate for BatteryCare is 9 from 10.

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