Free USB Guard: You’ll Never Miss Your Flashdisk Anymore!

Often when we’re in hurry, all the things we should do is forgotten, such as rejecting USB from PC or laptop. Or you’re shutting down your laptop immediately, whereas inside it there’s still CD or DVD and you should open your laptop again just to take your CD or DVD inside it. It will take much of your time.

But now, there’s an easy way to overcome such matter. Free USB Guard is a reminder software which will tell you whether any USB stuck on your PC or laptop. This Free USB Guard will stop shutdown process and display alert message to tell you that there’s a USB left.

Free USB Guard: You’ll Never Miss Your Flashdisk Anymore!

You probably don’t care much if there’s an external drive connected to your PC when you turn your PC off and dialog extra will only disturb you. But don’t worry about such thing because Free USB Guard can be conformed to monitor what you wanted, whether you want to check certain drive or only searching for CD or DVD in your optical drive. It’s so easy to get this application. You’d just have to download it, then extract the file. This application is so instant because it doesn’t need any space for its installation. You’d just have to click it, then this application can be run directly, because this Free USB Guard is portable.

However, there are some problems about this application in RAM usage, it seems too much, which is more than 25MB. Even so, it’s not big deal if you use it occasionally. This application gives you an easy way to avoid disturbance in your PC and remember, this application can be obtained for free.

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