Get Two Free Software from Steam Software

After waiting for so long, finally steam software Store was released. Valve already announced to develop store software since previous August and plan to release it in previous September 2012. but until the planned time, Long waited Steam Software wasn’t appeared at all.

The long waiting has over. Yesterday Steam Software Store was available with 7 product inside it. Eventhough Valve still plan to sell non-gaming software there, still those seven software have relations with game world.

Say GameMaker: Studio which is a software for game development, 3DMark 11 and 3DMark Vantage which is a benchmark for gaming computer performance, Source Filmmaker which is used to create 3D movie based on Team Fortress 2 game, also other software.

Get Two Free Software from Steam Software

Recently in Steam Software, there’s also two free software you can get, they are GameMaker: Studio and Source Filmmaker.

You can visit Steam Software and get 2 free software here:

Valve create this Software Store, one of the reason because of their dislike to Windows Store development which according to them provide expensive listing rate. Would Steam Software Store be able to compete Windows Store?

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