Getting Things Done: Managing Time Easier with TimeGT

We all have our own way in time management to get maximum result. Productivity consultant like David Allen has revealed his thought about simple method which is so powerful in reaching efficiency. By using David Allen approach, which is Getting Things Done (GTD), we will realize that for us, remembering task and details related with the task is sometimes burden us.

By noting some details in paper or virtual room, you can spare your time for more important challenge. If it has been reached, thinker like Eisenhower said that the next level would be priority method related with importance and urgency level. TimeGT is a free application which made you possible to reach maximum output by using this useful technique!

If you’re interesting, feel free to download TimeGT in:

Getting Things Done: Managing Time Easier with TimeGT

By this personal time management tool, you can analyze your plan, run and reflect your action with an easy way. After registered in its official website, you’ll be directed to TImeGT desktop to login. Then you can go in your own TimeGT application.

Getting Things Done: Managing Time Easier with TimeGT

Moreover, you can check your network status, help file, and overall setting from your window startup. If your account has been verified, then there would be a dashboard with tasks you need to organize according to project you’re working on, tasks and prioritize related with relevant categories.

Getting Things Done: Managing Time Easier with TimeGT

Sidebar for projects and tags make your navigation simpler, whereas main work space makes you possible to easily create new task and manage work project according to certain time. You can easily signed a relevant entry related with important and urgent level. Note and time duration can be added from below the window for easier navigation and setting.

As addition, categorization and project makes efficient time management possible. In TimeGT, each relevant tool just have to be clicked, such as Sync with other devices or calendar mark feature. Unfortunately, in free version from TimeGT, that facility couldn’t be used.

Getting Things Done: Managing Time Easier with TimeGT

You can set this application as your needs, by changing language, font, timezone, network setting and option to instruct how this program should respond the finished project. This application also has simple searching management to find and review managed tasks. TimeGT secured your time by providing import also backup and recovery features. Click on ‘Remember the milk’ (Ctrl +Shift + R) in import option will direct you to RTM account detail.

Complete and attractive application, isn’t it? Even according to the information I read, when this article was written, TimeGT is doing a test for their Android application’s Beta version test. So, it is possible for you to do synchronization to various devices you had, which make your time management better and arranged.
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