Give me 3 Minutes and I’ll Show You How to Make Your Low Memory Computer Run Faster!

If your computer has a low physical memory, give me 3 minutes and I’ll show you how optimize it using free simple software. This video below is created especially for anyone who has low memory computer and looking for a solution to optimize it. The software we would to use is CleanMem, a free memory cleaning tools that has simple but powerful features to optimize your low memory computer. Take a look this spyontech exclusive video below:

CleanMem is a free software developed by PCWintech. Once it’s installed on your computer, it will automatically clean up your memory usage every 15 minutes by default.

Give me 3 Minutes and I’ll Show You How to Make Your Low Memory Computer Run Faster!

Is CleanMem really works?

When I test CleanMem on my old dual core computer with 2GB of memory and running on Windows 7, CleanMem give a better performance and experience. CleanMem works by telling Windows to use as less as possible page file virtual memory. Page file memory is a virtual memory created by windows system when your computer lack of memory. But it’s not as fast as real memory. The page file is ran off your hard drive it’s often bottle neck of performance on a system. CleanMem released physical memory usage and then tell windows to use it first instead of moving to page file memory. That’s why CleanMem is very effective to use especially to optimize low physical memory computer.

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