Harms Way: The Best Free Driving and Shooting Games for Xbox 360

Racing and shooting, that always be my favorite game genres ever, and Harms Way built with those concepts. Combine between racing and shooting, this game success as a finalist of Doritos Sponsored “Unlock Xbox” competition on last 2010. Harms Way was released on 8 december 2010 and this game is available for FREE at Xbox Live!

Harms Way : The Best Free Shooting and Racing Games for Xbox 360

Harms Way : The Best Free Shooting and Racing Games for Xbox 360

When you play Harms Way, you can play as a driver or shooter. As a driver, you should ride across one of three courses and should be the winner of three lap race. Don’t think it’s easy to win because there is a sniper who ready to shot and destroy your vehicle! There are 4 kinds of vehicle you can ride on:

1. Buggy: if you’re looking for speed and handling, this vehicle is suitable for you. But it has the worst armor.
2. Pickup: This vehicle is recommended for a beginner, it has best handling but has average on speed and armor.
3. Truck: Truck is the vehicle with the best armor. however, the speed and handling was average.
4. Bus: if you use this, you will get both of best speed and good armor, but it worst on handling.

And as a shooter, you should shoot and destroy your enemy’s vehicle as badly as possible.

There are 4 weapons that you can use as a shooter:

1. Sniper Rifle: Even it’s slow to load, but it has good zooming capabilities and a laser pointer that will help you to destroy your enemy.
2. Burst Shot: This is a machine gun that will shoot a lot of bullets in a time.
3. Air strike: This is a group of land mines that you can place onto the track.
4. Missile Launcher: This is a rocket launcher that will fires in straight lines but cause heavy damage to any vehicle.

AS a FREE game for Xbox 360, Harms Way is worth to play To watch Harms Way in Action, please take a look at this video:

To download Harms Way games for Xbox 360, simply download it from this link below :



Harms Way is free to download and free to play. You can play offline with 1 – 4 players, offline with 2 co-op, multiplayer online with 2-8 players, and online with 2 co-op.

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