Have a Problem when Playing DVD? Get these DVD Decoders!

If you ever have a problem when trying to play DVD movies on your computer, you might need to install DVD decoder. Most media player software failed to play several kind of DVD movies because there is no supported codecs to decode the movies! Today I’m going to show you several DVD decoder to solve your problems:

Have a Problem when Playing DVD? Get these DVD Decoders

1. K-Lite Codec Pack

Actually, I’ve reviewed K-Lite Codec Pack before. By using K-Lite Codec Pack, your computer would be able to play most of 99% video formats including DVD movies. K-Lite Codec Pack built in with Windows Media Player Classic which very powerful to play various video formats. You can download K-Lite Codec Pack from their official homepage below:


But when I try to access their homepage, It seems that their homepage was down. I don’t know why but this is the download link alternative for K-Lite Codec Pack which you could use when their homepage still innacessible:



2. XP Codec Pack

XP codec pack is a codec pack for windows XP user. Even windows XP is rather old operating system but it still have a huge amount of users. For you who use windows XP as your operating system and have a problem when playing DVD movies, you can download XP Codec Pack from this link below:


3. Windows Vista Codec Package

I also have reviewed this codec package before. If you have a problem when playing your DVD Movies on windows vista, this codec package could be used as DVD decoder. Windows Vista Codec Package doesn’t need additional media player. It works with any media player installed on your computer. To download Windows Vista Codec Package, simply open their homepage below:


Windows Vista Codec Package also support windows XP operating system.

4. Windows 7 Codec Package

It just like Windows Vista Codec Package above, but for windows 7. You could use it as your DVD decoder to make your dvd movies playable. Windows 7 Codec Package available to download here:


5. CCCP (Combined Community Codec Pack)

Combined Community Codec Pack is a simple codec pack to enchance windows functionality when playing various video formats. Download CCCP from this link below:


6. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is not a codec but it is a standalone media player that support to play various video format. If you have a problems playing DVD movies in your media player, you can simply use VLC Media player instead of install DVD decoder or codecs pack. I’ve reviewed VLC Media Player before and you can download the latest version of VLC Media Player from their homepage below:


Those 5 codec pack/software could be use as your DVD decoder to solve your problems when unable to play DVD movies on your media player.

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