Hiding Files in File by Using OpenPuff

If you don’t want your personal file or document is opened or viewed by other person, what will you do? Will you put it into winrar, then giving a password to open it? Or you will hide it? All the ways you do are old fashioned. Now SOT want to share tips and trick to protect your file with modern way.

OpenPuff is a steganography software which is so strong, so it makes you possible to hide yoru secret file or document from other people.

Hiding Files in File by Using OpenPuff

This software worked by hiding your secret file into other file. So, you hide a file into another file. OpenPuff can hide file with BMP, JPG, PNG, MP3, WAV, MP4, MPG, FLV, SWF, PDF and many more formats

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Using OpenPuff is so easy, you will just have to select Hide, then insert password in column A, B, C or it would be fine by only A column. Then select the file you want to be hidden in second column. After that, insert file again in third column to cover the file you hide, then click on Hide Data! Select folder where you will hide your file.

Hiding Files in File by Using OpenPuff

After showing how to hide a file, now SOT will show the way to Unhide it. In OpenPuff main menu, select Unhide, after that, insert password conformed with the file you’ve just hidden in column number 1. after that, in column number 2, insert folder contained the hidden file. After that, click on Unhide.

Hiding Files in File by Using OpenPuff

You probably need to watch the video below for clearer explanation.

By this way, you can hide your file, but you won’t lose the original file. You can also view SOT’s article about Folder Lock and DeEgger Embedder discussed about how to hide file.

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