How to Bypass Facebook Sosial Reader

For you who actively involved in Facebook social network, I’m sure you find when you read article shared by your friends from news website, such as Yahoo!, when you click on the link, you’ll be directed to request page to install Social Reader application which made possible for your private information to be accessed, then this application will automatically send message that you were reading the article.

It surely disturbed you, even probably you’ll feel awkward with your friends if they found out you were reading bombastic article with title which was not appropriate in social environment (You know what I mean? Title such as… errr… celebrities upskirt – some kind like that…) If you still want to read the article link sent by your friends without your Facebook friends noticed it, you will need Unsocialize.

This is available in Firefox add-on and Google Chrome Extension which will help you to avoid information that you were reading certain link would be sent by Facebook, and you wouldn’t be directed to third party application which will ask you to access your information.

Bypass Facebook Sosial Reader

You can download unsocialize in:



After installing Unsocialize in your browser, you can safely open the link offered by right-click on the link and select Unsocialize option.

Then a new tab would be opened without your information sent to Facebook, so there won’t be any friend of you in Facebook get report that you were reading the link.

I’m sure Unsocialize would be very useful, especially for you who actively use Facebook. Don’t forget to click on like, tweet, or plus one for this article. Share it to your friends, especially people who actively interacted in Facebook social network.


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