How to Change any Android display into Jelly Bean

Android is the most popular smartphone in this 2012, moreover, by the statistical improvement of Android selling, it’s an evidence that Android is getting popular. Moreover, by the appearance of Android’s latest OS, which is Jelly Bean which appeared elegant and cool, make many people eager to have Android. This Android Jelly Bean design is truly cool, but unfortunately, only certain cell phone can be upgraded into the OS, then what if you cannot update your OS to Jelly Bean version? Just use this Jelly Bean theme just to change your Andorid appearance to be looked like Jelly Bean.


Here are three themes to change your Android to be similar like Jelly Bean:


1. Jelly Bean Go Launcher EX with BlueFrog (Android 1.6+)

How to Change any Android display into Jelly Bean

The wallpaper quality seemed so great. You can see some pixilated in its yellow part of its wallpaper. This theme is quite light, which is only 1 MB in kB 942. But when SOT tried to download this application, there’s something awkward here, which is Home icon in this application is not available. When SOT viewed the screenshot provided in Google Play, the home icon is available.

There are also two additional icons from screenshot which also gone. Or it just mistake happened in SOT’s cellphone? I hope it won’t happen in your smartphone. Good luck!

Download Jelly Bean Go Launcher EX


2. Jelly Bean Go Theme by NitroX-developers (Android 2.0+)

How to Change any Android display into Jelly Bean

Some attractive Wallpaper in this application probably will make you happy. The size of this application also almost 1 MB in kB 920. In this application, there will be displayed visible watermark on the right below corner. And icon in this application also seems brighter than icon in regular Android 4.0.

Download Jelly Bean Go Theme


3. Jelly Bean Theme GoLauncherEX by ADDesigns (Android 2.0+)

How to Change any Android display into Jelly Bean

Just like previous application, this theme also came from developer which already made various themes for different launcher application, ADW, LauncherPro and Go EX Launcher. It’s equipped with more than 10 attractive wallpapers of Jelly Bean which can be selected. There are some of them re-designed like Gmail, Adobe Reader and other icons.

Download Jelly Bean Theme GoLauncherEX


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