How to Clean Computer from Virus Flame with Flame Removal Tool

These day, Flame virus has become trending topic. Even in World itself, the news once so rag, which caused this news entered national news of some predictive channel of some private television station, also online media. It’s related with Flame virus complexity and also made it as the most advanced and complex virus recently.

Flame Virus (it’s also known as Flamer or Flammy) actually predicted to be spread since 2010. almost in the same era with Stuxnet, Flame is also predicted to be created and controlled by a country for certain purpose. However, Flame is not made to broke operating system just like Stuxnet, but it is made to be spy to each computer attacked.

After infected the victim, Flame will be active and spied all aspects of computer usage. This virus could record keyboard typing, taking screenshot, blocking email, stealing data via Bluetooth device, to recording chat done in messenger software such as Skype, etc.

It’s advanced and complexity made the experts predicted, it will take months to years to learn all activity done by that Flame virus. Wow… Just imagine how advanced and complex this Flame virus. No wonder recently Flame got predicate as the most dangerous virus in the world.

Flame virus was reported only attacked certain countries, especially in middle east such as Iran, Palestine, Israel, Lebanon and Suriah. But it’s not impossible that World will be come the virus target, isn’t it?

Clean Computer from Virus Flame with Flame Removal Tool

To assure your computer is not infected by this dangerous Flame virus, feel free to download BitDefender Flame Removal Tool here:

BitDefender Flame Removal Tool (Windows 32-Bit)

BitDefender Flame Removal Tool (Windows 64-Bit)

Flame Removal Tool di BitDefender Labs main page:

You just have to download and run that Flame Removal Tool to find out whether your computer has infected by Flame or not.

Clean Computer from Virus Flame with Flame Removal Tool

Make sure you have downloaded as your computer’s bit (32-bit atau 64-bit) and run with Administrator

Flame Removal Tool will directly detect whether your computer has infected by Flame virus or not. If your computer has infected, this Flame Removal Tool can be used to clean your computer from the virus attack.

The most disturbed parties in this case was Iran. Kamran Napelian, one of the Iran cyber security said that for 6 months, Flame intruded into Iran computers. The virus has stolen so many data.

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