How to Create 3D Ebook using Flip Pages Worker

You surely once had downloaded ebook in various website which using 3D text format, which made you possible to turn the ebook page just like an open book display. Aren’t you interesting to create your own ebook by such format?

What’s the benefit?

There are so many benefits. If you’re a blogger, you can increase visiting to your Blog by sharing ebook for free. Moreover, if the ebook contained certain tips which probably needed by your Blog visitors. Or, at least you can compose a short story to be shared in digital form to your friends, so you can raise your popularity…

This time, I will discuss how can we create 3D ebook like that by Flip Pages Worker application.

This application makes you possible to change txt file into ebook which you can turn the page digitally. By this ebook creator, you can create ebook with turnable page realistically, online magazine, or catalogue easily. You just have to import your.txt file, doing some setting, then publish it in format you expected.

Once again, I need to remind you that for Flip Pages Worker application shared for free, you can just use .txt source file. However, if you have interest to use its paid version, which is 3DPageFlip Standard, you can change PDF, Word, and PPT files, into three dimensional ebook.

First step, you just have to download Flip pages worker in:

Second step, surely you need to install it directly to your PC.

Create 3D Ebook using Flip Pages Worker

After installation process, you’ll get display such as on the picture above. Then how to start creating ebook?

Create 3D Ebook using Flip Pages Worker

You just have to click on Import TXT Document, so, there would be display such as the picture above. You can put your copied text into TXT file.

Create 3D Ebook using Flip Pages Worker

After the text is managed by this application, your 3D ebook would be ready. You’ll just have to click on Convert to flipping book in order to get output option.

Create 3D Ebook using Flip Pages Worker

Fill in setting column as ebook format you wanted to get. If you want your ebook come in application which displayed ebook in 3D, select .exe option.

Create 3D Ebook using Flip Pages Worker

By selecting the option, your ebook output will come out as application.

Create 3D Ebook using Flip Pages Worker

When you click on that application, you’ll get ebook in realistic form, such as in picture above. Next, you will be able to use this ebook as your need.

Enjoy creating your own ebook. By this application, you have chance to popularize yourself as author or maybe specialist or expert in certain field.

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