How to Create Animation Movie Easily by Using Source Filmmaker

You’re surely familiar with various games made by Valve such as Counter Strike, Half-Life 2, Team Fortress 2, etc. Those games are so popular among gamers. If you paied attention, all Valve-made game surely have exciting and attractive animation movie. This animation movie sometimes are made as trailer, game promotion video, etc. Now, Valve shared for free software they used to use to create their game animation movie: Source Filmmaker!

Source Filmmaker can be used to create animation movie fast and easy. Inside it, there are already many characters, property, particles, texture, sound, also various other ready-to-use assetss. Those ready-to-use assets came from Team Fortress 2 Game. However, you can make the character you wanted by yourself.

How to Create Animation Movie Easily by Using Source Filmmaker

Here is one of SOT’s favorite animation movie made by Source Filmmaker using real character from Team Fortress 2:

Cool, isn’t it? Really live animation movie!

SOT assumed you also want to create animation movie using ready-to-use assetss in Team Fortress 2 game, here is the line of that animation movie making.

1. Load map
2. Camera position management.
3. Record gameplay into one shot master
4. Divide shot master into some shot individual as much as you wanted
5. insert object into individual shot
6. Set position and animated the object
7. Insert sounds and dialogues
8. Created lip-sync you wanted in each character
9. Fill in lighting
10. Fill in visual effect
11. finished the final touch.
12. Eksport into one day animation movie or we can use it as animation picture too.

There you can watch the different between Source Filmmaker with other animation maker software. Yup..Source Filmmaker is able to create animation movie from Team Fortress 2 game record. You can also insert mods or custom item of this game into your animation movie.

For you who are curious and not patient to create your own animation movie by this Source Filmmaker application, you can directly download the software here:

There are already various resource you can use to learn about Source Filmmaker

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Source Filmmaker community in SteamCommunity

SOT is no longer patient to watch your animation movie work. If you’ve already finished creating animation movie with Source Filmmaker, you can share the YouTube link in SOT comment column. Enjoy trying :)

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