How to Create PDF files from Any Printable Documents with Foxtab PDF Converter

Today I will show you the step by step how to convert any printable documents for FREE using Foxtab PDF Converter. Actually, Foxtab PDF Converter is a virtual printer that allows you to convert any printable documents directly from any windows application (Word, Excel, Firefox, Powerpoint, Text File, Image Viewer, …. etc.). After you download and install Foxtab PDF Converter, you will have 1 additional virtual PDF printer called “Foxtab PDF Converter”. Any files and documents that you print with Foxtab virtual printer will be converted as PDF Documents. It’s really easy and simple to use. Follow these step by step instructions to download, install and use Foxtab PDF Converter.

Convert Any Printable Documents to PDF format with Foxtab PDF Converter

Convert Any Printable Documents to PDF format with Foxtab PDF Converter

Step by step to download and install Foxtab PDF Converter.

1. Visit this link below:


2. Click “Free Download” button

Download Foxtab PDF Converter for Free

3. Start to Install FoxTab PDF Converter

a. double click PDFConverterSetup.exe

double click PDFConverterSetup.exe

b. click next

Click Next to Install Foxtab PDF Converter

c. click next

Click Next to Install Foxtab PDF Converter

d. choose advanced installation, uncheck “Install Babylon’s..” and “make search..” options and then click next

Choose Advance Installation

e. click next

Click Next to Continue Foxtab PDF Converter Installation

f. click next

Click Next to Continue Foxtab PDF Converter Installation

g. click finish

Click Finish - Installation Completed

4. The installation progress of FoxTab PDF Converter was successfully completed. Foxtab PDF Converter working on Windows XP, windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 2000 Operating System.

Step by step to convert any printable documents into PDF format with FoxTab PDF Converter

1. Open your document file (In this example below, I open a Microsoft Word document with Microsoft Word 2007)

Open Your Printable Document

2. Go to Option -> Print

Print Your Documents

3. Choose “Foxtab PDF Converter” as the Printer to Print the document.

Change the Default Printer with Foxtab Virtual PDF Printer

4. Click OK

Click OK to convert PDF

5. choose the location to save your PDF documents and then click “Save”

Save your PDF documents

6. Your PDF document was successfully created.

Your PDF Document was Successfully Created

Spyontech review about Foxtab PDF Converter

The Bad:
1. Foxtab PDF Converter is a virtual printer only, so you should open and print your documents with Foxtab PDF Virtual printer to convert your printable document into a PDF format. There is no instant converter feature like Sonic PDF Creator has.
2. If you choose “Quick Installation” option when installing Foxtab PDF Converter, it will install Babylon toolbar and make Babylon search engine as your browser’s homepage. So, ensure you follow the step by step installation above (step 3b) to install Foxtab PDF Converter correctly.
3. There are no additional features such as set password, merge PDF pages, etc.

The Good:
1. It’s completely FREE, no hidden cost.
2. It’s support to convert all of printable files and documents.
3. It’s easy and simple to use.

Final Verdict
Take a look at Sonic PDF Creator giveaway first BEFORE install this software. If you find that Sonic PDF Creator still available for free, use it instead of Foxtab PDF Converter. But if Sonic PDF Creator Giveaway was expired, Foxtab PDF Converter is my RECOMMENDED alternative software for you to convert any printable files and documents for FREE!

Chris Febian is the founder of He spent his time by testing new software and writing some reviews of them. This blog is one of his favorite place to publish his reviews.

  • Zwapan

    Installing PDF Converter I get the message: “Printer installation error -2003 (0). Running Windows 7 64bits. Adding printer is no option under Win7 because “Active Directory Domains Services are currentle not running”.
    Do you have a solution?

    Thanks in advance, Zwapan

  • Chris Febian

    @ Zwapan : hmmm..i’m not testing it yet on windows 7 64 machine..i guess that it’s a bug of sonic PDF Creator. I will contact the developer and forward the solution to you :)

    • Dustin

      Please forward the solution to me as well. I am getting the same error on a 64 bit machine.

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  • cxssf

    Has the solution been found? I’m in need of it as well. Many thanks.

  • Anonymous

    All: Guys, if you have a problem when installin this software, try to use its alternative software here:

  • madcookathome

    I have foxtab PDF converter on my computer and I loved it until it started having a pop-up that says ” GPL Ghostscript 8.56 : error-12 closing pdfwrite device” and I can not seem to find anyplace to troubleshoot the problem.. any suggestions PLEASE .. I use this for all of my recipies that I get online and I’m lost without this tool….Please help me, and thank you in advance..

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