How to Find Duplicate File using Anti-Twin Duplicate File Finder

The more I used, hard disk space is reducing continuously. Various mp3, photo, documents, and other files keep developed, made my hard disk capacity full. After do some check and re check, in fact there are many duplicate file I found. DO you experienced it too?

Erasing duplicate file in hard disk can “give some spaces” for full hard-disk. But how to find it? Finding them one by one manually would cost months! Moreover if your file amount are hundreds gigabyte! Ouch…

Software to find Duplicate File fast

To make your effort finding duplicate file faster, we can make free but powerful software: Anti-Twin Duplicate File Finder. By this software, we don’t have to search those twin files one by one. This software will do it for us. Yes… automatically for sure :)

Anti-Twin features

• Finding a duplicate file according to byte-to-byte comparison (byte structure of a file)
• Finding a duplicate file according to name or file size
• Finding a duplicate file according to pixel similarity
• file similarity level can be arranged to 100%

Download Anti-Twin Duplicate File Finder:

Anti-Twin Duplicate File Finder can be downloaded for free via this link:

I suggest you to download the installer version, although the portable version is also available.


How to find and erase Duplicate file by Anti-Twin:

1. After you have downloaded and installed it, you just have to open Anti-Twin application.

2. Select the folder you want to scan. I suggest you not directly scanning one drive directly, because this software need a huge memory to do scanning. Scanning many files or folders at once can cause crash, moreover if your memory is not quite big.


3. You can arrange comparison method you want to use. If what you search for is image, so compare images (pixels) is the right option. If what you search for is file, compare byte by byte will be more suitable.

4. You can select compare names if you want to search files with similar name.

5. Also arrange how much percentage of file similarity you want to search for. If you want to find the exactly similar file duplicate with the original, fill in 100%. For image file, just fill 95% or less.

6. Manage how much duplicate file you wanted to display, then click on Search for Similiar…

7. Tadaa… Duplicate file searching process will be started.


8. In minutes, identical file which can be found would be displayed.


9. Select files you want to erase and click on Delete Selected Files.



After erasing some duplicate file, my hard disk space can be ‘wider’… :D
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