How to Get Codec for Windows Media Player

When you played video using Windows Media Player sometimes the video couldn’t be played and ask for codec to be able to play it or often it only performed the sound, while the image is gone. This time SOT will share you tips how to find codec for Windows Media Player to play video.

This is How To Get Codec

Download CodecInstaller 2.10.4 – full package here:


After downloading, open and install CodecInstaller 2.10.4 – full package.


Then after installation process has done, open CodecInstaller 2.10.4 application and click on “Analyze File”.


After Analyze File window appeared, then open the video you cannot play. After that, you’ll be given a detail related with the video you analyzed. Just like below figure, SOT doesn’t have codec related with FLAC/FLA.


Then by Google searching, we can download and copy FLAC/FLA codec.


By a support from CodecInstaller software, you can easily find codec so you can play the video you wanted to see.

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