How to Hide Secret File into Image, Video, or Audio with DeEgger Embedder

Playing as secret agent again with me… If previously I reviewed BurnNote web application to deliver your message which then would be destroyed in certain time after it was opened, now I found again an application which would be able to hide personal file in image, video or audio. That kind of application used to be called as Media Steganography. Welcome DeEgger Embedder!

What this application can do?

DeEgger Embedder will hide your file (probably it consisted of secret message which shouldn’t be found by someone else) to another file in form of image, video, or audio. This application will embed the file, so when you want to open the intended file, the file receiver should separate the file first using the same program. Curious?

OK, first of all, you should download DeEgger Embedder in this link:

after that, you can install this software first in your PC or laptop.

This is how to use it:

When you opened it, DeEgger Embedder will give simple option, they are combine (to embed the file) and extract (to separate the combined file).



The file you wanted to send (for example, it has certain message) should be put in Select the file to embed column. While the file you would use as disguise, which would be embedded by previous file, should be inserted by opening file in Select a host file column.

When you click combine, both files would become one. If it is opened with common way, what you can see only file you made as host or embedded by your previous secret file.

Then how can we open it?



It’s easy! File receiver would just have to click on extract button, then select the host file contained the previous secret file and click open. Then both files would be separated and receiver would be able to read secret message embedded in the file.

Use this application creatively. Probably you face your girlfriend’s mother who checking email you send to her? By this application, you can hide a love letter in romantic song you’d probably send via email. It seems simple and ridiculous, but believe me, there’s a nice sensation there. Moreover if your lover a type of person who love romantic surprises.

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