How to Join Files and Split File by WinMend File Splitter

Do you want to split a huge file then divided it in small amount? If the answer is yes, probably you’ll need this software. WinMend File Splitter. WinMend File Splitter is a software to join and split file. This software can also split file into many parts and join the file again.

WinMend File Splitter has 5 languages you can used, they are, English, Hungarian, Vietnam, etc. This Software also has styles you may change. Some of them: Black, Blue, Orange, Red and Green.


WinMend File Splitter which has function to split file has split file setting which can arrange how large a file to be split or how many file parts to be split. In other menu such as Merge File which its function to join file with file-join setting in *WinmendSp format.

Download WinMend File Splitter software:

It’s so simple to split file using WinMend File Splitter. Select “Split File” menu tab, Source file to get file you will split, while output path is to put your output file which you will split. If you want to split it into some parts, you just have to select on “specify number of blocks” menu. But if you want to split it into some part with certain size, you can use “source files size” feature.


While to join file, it’s also easy, you just have to use “Merge Files” feature. And to add the files you want to join, just click on plus and “Merge”.


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