How to Modify the Thumbnail Preview Display in Windows Taskbar

Windows Operating System gives so many easiness just like Windows Explorer to help browsing various files, Alt+Tab makes it possible to switch quickly between windows, and Taskbar which is able to display thumbnail preview from all program window to see content before opening it.

How to modify the Thumbnail Preview Display in Windows Taskbar

But unfortunately, Windows doesn’t provide additional feature to do taskbar preview setting, so we have to satisfy with the taskbar preview condition. But calm down, if you want to modify preview taskbar, SOT has the solution. Just use Taskbar Thumbnail Tweaker.

As its name, this Taskbar Thumbnail Tweaker is a free software which you can use to modify thumbnail displayed by taskbar.

This Software can be said as so simple, why is that? Because in this Taskbar Thumbnail Tweaker, there are not many menu and probably it is specified to customize thumbnail preview. How to use it is also easy, after it is downloaded, you just have to run it.

There are four different menu. First menu can be used to change measurement (width and height) of thumbnail preview, the second menu can be used to set time distance (slower and fasten) when thumbnail preview opened, the third menu is only used to display text not with preview, and the last, fourth menu can be used to non-activate thumbnail preview, whether title and preview.

How to modify the Thumbnail Preview Display in Windows Taskbar

Click on Apply if setting process is already done. After that, you’ll be commanded to do log off or restart so this software would be able to view its change. Here’s the result, thumbnail would be seen larger compared with the real condition.

How to modify the Thumbnail Preview Display in Windows Taskbar

Download Taskbar Thumbnail Tweaker:

By using Taskbar Thumbnail Tweaker, now you can fast and easily modify thumbnail preview as you will, surely your Windows taskbar will be seen more attractive.

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