How To Protect Important Text by Using CTI Text Encryption

Some of internet users surely have important data stored into ASCII text and various other type, started from email address, answer of security question, to password.

Surely, if you have an important data you stored into text or .txt, the file would be easily read by whoever found it. For example, when someone accidentally borrow your laptop or use your computer.

How to protect important text by using CTI Text Encryption

To protect such important data which is in form of text, it would be good for you to use tool SOT will discuss this time. There’s a free tool named CTI Text Encryption, from its name, you probably guess this tool works by using encryption technique which is a part of cryptography.

Curious about CTI Text Encryption and its usage? Feel free to download it first via this link. In addition of free, this tool is also small, which is about 400KB only and also portable.

Homepage :

Download CTI Text Encryption :

It’s also easy and simple to use this tool, after you downloaded it, just run the program since it is portable, so you don’t have to do installation first.

In this program’s main window, you can write directly text you want to be encrypted or use import option by click on folder icon on the upper right part. After the text column is filled, you can give password to 4 times, but here SOT will give only one password to be remembered easier.

After all things done, you just have to click on “Encrypt” button, and automatically you can see the text you wrote previously has been changed and encrypted into irregular alphabet and number. Surely it would be really useful, isn’t it? Moreover for you who love to store password in texts. You can store the encrypted text into notepad text with save button on the upper right side of this tool.

When you want to see the text content which already encrypted previously, you can turn back the text as usual using “Decrypt” Option. Feel free to open directly the encrypted text, insert password, click on “Decrypt” number and you can see the random texts are changed into text which previously you’ve encrypted. Easy, isn’t it? Imagine if right now you store a “password” like this, surely it would invite someone to prank you. But just imagine if the password text is encrypted into “gZjOkgtx/LN/q+zcwmIq+g==”, in addition of feeling secure, people will think twice to do unnecessary action. I wish it would be useful ^_^

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