How to Search and Download Manga Using HakuNeko Manga Downloader

Previously I have discussed some applications related with manga such as Pviewer and MyManga. Talking about manga won’t be boring because this Japan comic has brought addiction, not just in Asia, but also US and Europe. Today I’ll share how to search and download manga easily using free manga downloader software!

Yes… Although our country published print comic version (Tankubon) from manga series, but most of them are mainstream manga. You’ll get difficulty to get unpopular manga, which probably also has good quality. For the alternative, there are many manga online sites gave facility to read online for manga lovers.

But that’s not enough, because, just like me, I’m sure many of you love to collect manga in image file form to be read if you demand to. In order to download manga from manga online sites, it would need special program to support download. HakuNeko-Manga Downloader is one of them.

HakuNeko makes you possible to search, check the latest published manga, then download the manga you wanted in image from manga provider site, although temporary, it only supports mangafox and mangareader sites.

If you’re interesting, you can download HakuNeko manga in:

HakuNeko is quite light so it wouldn’t burden your computer. However, internet connection is a must if you use this application. After installation procedure, you’ll get this interface:


You can select one from two sources mentioned (Mangafox and Mangareader) to search the manga title you wanted. You can type the part of title in “Browse”. If you already got the title you expected, the right column would display chapter available in manga site source. You just have to direct the download location in your hard disk, then click on Download. Very practical, isn’t it!


Downloaded file would be in image form you can store to be read again in other day.

Although it’s quite light and simple, this application is quite powerful. After I tried, in fact, this application sometimes got hang in searching process. Although it’s not always happened, it can be specific note for users.

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