How to Translate Any Web Page to Any Language Within Seconds!

I know there are hundreds of languages in use today and it seems impossible for us to understand all of those languages (unless nothing is impossible, but I think it would take a long time to learn hundreds of language
:p ). Therefore there are online translation services like Google translate, Bing translator, etc. When we looking for information and found a website who provide it written in other language we don’t understand, copy and paste it on Google Translate is very helpful but it spend too much of time when we do it repeatedly. Today I’m going to show you the best translation add-ons for Firefox that works. Not only to translate from other languages to English, but also translate from English to other languages..directly from your Firefox browser!

How to Translate Any Web Page to Any Language Within Seconds

1. Google Translator For Firefox

This add on use Google translate as its based translation engine. Google Translator For Firefox support all language supported by Google translate and it works widely from Firefox 1.5 – 7.0a1. Using Google Translator to translate a web page is very easy. Simply set your destination language, select any words, sentences or paragraph you want to translate. Right click and translate it using Google Translator For Firefox. Then your selected words, sentences or paragraph will replaced with the translated version in your destination language. Faster and Easier than translate it manually using Google Translate. Click here to download and install Google Translator For Firefox.

Take a look at this Spyontech video below to know how to install and using Google Translator For Firefox:

2. FoxLingo Translator – Dictionary

This little bit different with Google Translator For Firefox because FoxLingo not only able to translate a web page but it also act as dictionary, grammar checker, auto translation, text to speech and could help you to learning language better by provide more than 100 links to language learning sites. FoxLingo use several kind of translation and dictionary engine including Google Translate, Wikipedia, and Babylon. Foxlingo has more features than Google Translator For Firefox, but to translate web page in simple, fast and easy way I prefer to use Google Translator For Firefox. However, for you who want to use FoxLingo Translator – Dictionary, you can download it here.

How to Translate Any Web Page to Any Language Within Seconds

I myself prefer to use Google Translator For Firefox because of it’s simplicity. You’ve seen my video about how to translate any web page to any language within seconds using Google Translator For Firefox add on. But if you still have any question about translating web page, do not hesitate to drop it on this comment fields below.

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