How to Use HouseCall 7.2 Beta to Protect Your Computer

HouseCall is a free online virus removal tool developed by TrendMicro, one of the leading companies in computer security software. It is an online virus scanner that provides protection to user’s computer from internet security threats, including viruses, worms, trojans, and spyware. HouseCall also identifies and fixes computer vulnerabilities to prevent re-infection. While the latest final version is HouseCall 7.1, I’m interested to test and review HouseCall 7.2 Beta.

HouseCall 7.2 Beta

HouseCall 7.2 Beta Overview

Publisher: TrendMicro
Homepage: HouseCall Online Virus Scan Homepage
Launcher size: 1.9 MB
Download Launcher: HouseCall 7.2 Beta Launcher 32 Bit64 Bit
Supported OS: Windows XP, Vista and 7

What’s New on HouseCall 7.2 Beta, Compared with HouseCall 7.1 Final

Based on TrendMicro’s description, HouseCall 7.2 Beta has several new features, such as:

1. An enhanced user interface, including a “Select All” option for restoring files, an updated display of detected file names in the scan results and an updated design for the scanning screen.

2. Improved detection rates.

3. The ability to scan for threats exploiting Windows Management Instrumentation.

4. Improved compatibility with Internet Explorer 9.

5. Improved performance during full scans.

6. Better overall scan performance.

How to Use HouseCall 7.2 Beta

Before using HouseCall, users need to download its launcher first. Once it is downloaded on their computer, users can open the HouseCall launcher. Then it will start to check the network connection and download several component updates (if available). Once it is completed, then it provides a simple user interface. Simply click on “Scan Now” button, and it will start to scan the entire computer. Users can also click on “Settings” menu (below the “Scan Now” button) to specify which drives or folders they want to scan. After the scanning progress completed, the scan summary report will be opened. Then users can repair, remove or quarantine the infected files that found after the scanning progress

Watch this video to know how to use HouseCall 7.2 Beta

HouseCall 7.2 Beta Pros

1. HouseCall doesn’t need to be installed on your computer. You only need to download the launcher and run it whenever you want to scan files or folders.
2. It could be used even when your computer already has an antivirus software. There is no crash risk!
3. It’s free.

HouseCall 7.2 Beta Cons

1. Since it is an online virus scanner tool, of course it required an internet connection.
2. It doesn’t provide real time scanning engine. It only scans files / folders if you open the launcher.
3. There is an advertising slot on the bottom of the launcher. However, it’s not too annoying.

The Bottom Line

HouseCall 7.2 Beta is highly recommended to use. It protects user’s computer from internet security threats without spending a dime. However, don’t use HouseCall as your main antivirus software because it doesn’t provide real time scanning engine. Use it only as the additional and complement security software.

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