How to Write English Better with “After the Deadline”

Even I’m not a native in English, I always write my articles in English. Honestly, I don’t know how’s the quality of my English article. However, I always do my best to write as good as possible. Yesterday, I was searching for Proofreading software to help me proofread my article. There are so many paid proofreading software and services out there, but I’m looking for the free or open-source software. Luckily, I found After the Deadline.

How to Write English Better with “After the Deadline”

After the Deadline is an open-source technology to proofread your article. It even used by to help their blogger writes better. After the Deadline will help you to write better and spend less time when editing your article. It will have contextual spell checker, advanced style checker and intelligent grammar checker.

After the Deadline supports a lot of platforms, such as: AtD Tool, bbPress, Bookmarklet, BuddyPress, Confluence, Chrome, Firefox, Intense Debate, OpenOffice, Windows Live Writer and WordPress blog.

I used After the Deadline for WordPress and install the plugin on my blogs. After I tested it to proofread my article, it gives me several spelling, grammar and style suggestions. As a free and open source technology, it’s really helpful. However, if it’s compared with another paid proofread software like WhiteSmoke, it still needs a lot of improvements.

Generally, I really like After the Deadline. If you are a writer or blogger who needs a free proofreading software, you can download After the Deadline here.

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  • jdh

    I’m assuming the low-level howlers in your opening paragraph are deliberate.  Perhaps you could show us that very paragraph after it has been proofread?

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