HTTrack: Reading Favorite Site Articles Doesn’t Need To be Online

A student main task is studying. Now, to learn something, you can do it anytime anywhere when you want or need. Including internet browsing. You can search any information you need. But the problem is, if you don’t have internet connection, should you go to internet café and spend many hours there just to comprehend an information. It won’t be inefficient.

HTTrack is a program to download web to your computer hard disk, and you can see or read the web offline without connecting the internet anytime you wanted. This program is also flexible. You can download it in you can select this program in portable or by installation procedure.

By a simple interface, this program is also easy to be used. First of all, copy URL from web you’ve downloaded, then run HTTrack and create new project, fill in your project title to “New Project Name” box, then in “Project category” box, fill in your project’s category and in “Base path” box, browse which directory you will use to store your web file.

HTTrack: Reading Favorite Site articles doesn’t need to be online

HTTrack: Reading Favorite Site articles doesn’t need to be online

Click on next then insert the URL, then insert again login + password if you need it. If you want to optimize your download result, then you can set it by, select set option, then select spider, and in spider part, select: “no robots.txt rules”, click on OK. After that, click on Next, then click on finish, then the download process will be started. After the download process is finished, you can open it offline in directory you’ve decided before.

HTTrack: Reading Favorite Site articles doesn’t need to be online

However, if web you downloaded is too heavy, then you can throttle the program by deciding maximum transfer speed, maximum amount of connection used, and still many more. It’s quite easy, isn’t it? HTTrack will also be a good additional for your internet toolkit. But, don’t let yourself think that you can download Facebook and update your status offline… That won’t happen!

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