HyperCam 2 Screen Recorder Application Now Can Be Got for Free!

If previously you have to pay about $39.95 to have HyperCam 2, now you can get it for free! Yes… HyperCam 2 Developer has decided to change this screen recorder software status into freeware. It’s a happy news for you who want to create tutorial, demo, presentation, or other things needed screen recorder.


What are HyperCam 2 features?

HyperCam 2 is able to record screen display in Windows into AVI video. Audio from any system in microphone can be recorded too. You can even add text, voice, or note inside the video. The quality and frame rate of video can be managed in this application. By such features, HyperCam 2 is suitable to create video tutorial, demo, or presentation.

The complete description about HyperCam 2 can be read directly from its homepage here:


How to get HyperCam 2 for free?

Hyperionics as developer of HyperCam 2 has changed HyperCam 2 status from paid product (valued $39.95) into freeware. You can download HyperCam 2 directly from its main site here:


HyperCam 2 can be used in Windows XP/Vista/7 whether 32-bit or 64-bit operating system. Feel free to download it as your computer type.

What is the cons of HyperCam 2?

One weakness of this screen recorder is, it cannot record other video clip. For example, you want to record movie you played in Media Player, Quick Time, RealVideo, etc. however, you can apply this tips to make HyperCam 2 able to record other video clip in overlay. The other HyperCam 2 weakness is lag or crash appeared when this application is used, although it’s quite rare.


By the free shared HyperCam 2 screen recorder, now you can create video tutorial, demo, presentation, etc faster and easier.

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