Image Comparator: Fast way to Search and Erase Duplicate Images

When casually watching picture collections in laptop, I have just realized that seemed like I have watched that picture twice. I confuse and in fact, there are truly two pictures. Then, why should I save the same picture, so I deleted one of them. But if there are many duplicate images, shall we delete it one by one?

And what if the duplicate images located in different folder, will you try to find it? It’s so annoying and spending too much time. I have solution for this problem.

Image Comparator: Fast way to Search and Erase Duplicate Images

Image Comparator is a software which finding, identifying, and managing duplicate from your images fast and easy. What if this picture have different file format? Don’t worry because this image comparator is able to find duplicate from your image, although the file format is different. This software is not only searching for similar file name, but also searched for similarity in pixel using pixel-basis method, so it would be able to find your image duplicate, even if the files’ names are different.

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File formats supported are JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIF and ICO. It’s pretty simple to operate this software. You will just have to open it, then click on add folder to choose which folder you will searched for the image duplicate. Then click on Find Duplicates to search it. On the right side, there’s a box to review image you selected.

Select which images you wanted to delete, then press on Delete Selected button. If you want to delete all of the images, then you can select Clear button. Pretty easy, isn’t it?

Image Comparator: Fast way to Search and Erase Duplicate Images

By this software, you wouldn’t find similar images again. And you can save your time to search and delete the same images.

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