Improve Gaming Performance in Windows by Using Game Fire

Game such as Battlefield 3, Crysis 2 and also Skytrim are really need system and high computer video ability. How to overcome our computer performance when we want to play cool trend game right now? Do we have to buy new computer with high spec technology? Or by upgrading our RAM, VGA and also motherboard in our old computer?

Crysis 2

It seems like we should do that to follow the development of game. But, what if that couldn’t also overcome our problems. For example, still our computer lagged when playing game. To overcome this matter, you can use Game Fire software.

Game Fire is a software to improve windows performance. In other word, Fire game can optimize system in Windows and help you playing game with HD quality.

How is the performance of Game Fire? When you activate Game Fire then Game Fire will overcome Windows performance by closing uneeded system when we play game, so Ram usage would be reduced.

So, do you still want fast computer when gaming?

Here is the way to get Game Fire:

1. Download Game Fire:


2. After downloading process has finished, install Game Fire to computer.



What you should know about Game Fire are:

You can activate Game Mode when you want to play a game and you can also non-activate it into normal mode when you’re not playing a game.


First time using Game Fire, you’ll be asked to configure the performance of Game Fire.


Game Fire also provide report everytime you activate and non-activate it. The report contained summary about stopped and inactive application usage, besides, report can also made in HTML format.


In Game Fire setting, there are three setting menu available and you can change, they are General, Live Gaming Mode and My Game.


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