Improving Photo Quality You have Using Raw Therapee

Do you remember about old saying: “One Picture represented thousands words”? Not far difference with picture, photo also does so. When you display your photo in Facebook, people sometimes assess you from that photo. Just like what repeatedly heard from commercial: First impression is so tempting… often photo you display become their first impression. But how if photo quality you want to display is still less good.

If you’re not satisfied yet with photo quality you have, you can repair its quality by using Raw Therapee. From the name, it can be seen that the software can be used to ‘therapize’ photo you have so that the quality can be better.

Improving Photo Quality You have Using Raw Therapee

Improving Photo Quality You have Using Raw Therapee

Different with other software which seemed still basic, this Raw Therapee is a bit advanced. There’s no more text pool, paint option, or special effect. All tools available specifically used for image processing. Those tools can be used to fix, arrange, and improve photo quality.

When you open it, this software will display browser’s thumbnail. There you can browse all folders contained your photos in various formats (RAW, JPG, TIF, and PNG). You just have to double click photo you want to edit.

After choosing a photo to be edited, on the right panel, there would be five main categories: Exposure, Detail, Color, Transform and Raw. And this software’s greatness will be revealed when you selected those categories.

RAW image quality can be improved using demosaicing algorithm such as AMaZE, DCB, fast, AHD, EAHD, HPHD and VNG4. you can also manage the color started with channel mixing, RGB curve, to white balance, HSV, Vibrance, and still many more.

If you’re still less satisfied by the result, you still can improve the quality details. There are seven options you can use, they are Sharpening, Edges, Microcontrast, Impulse Noise Reduction, Noice Reduction, Defringe, and Contrast. Not just that, all those options can be managed to via setting panel. :D

You can download Raw Therapee from this link:

However, still Raw Therapee is not super her with super power without any weakness. There are still some weakness owed by this brilliant software, for example, when it is used, sometimes your PC would run slower, also interface which is error in some moments.

But that small weakness wouldn’t able to defeat many amount of Raw Therapee advantage. This software is able to change your lack photo quality into high quality photo which is able to impress all people who watch it. It’s true! No chance I’m gonna lie to you! :D

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