Is it True that Safari Browser for Windows has Died?

Since the release of Safari 6 several moments ago, safari browser download page for Windows had gone. Yup. Apple erase Safari for Windows download page and only provide the browser for Mac OS X Lion and Mountain Lion users. Does it mean Safari browser for Windows has ended? Then how about people who use Safari for Windows? Or how about the Windows users who never tried Safari in their PC?

Is it True that Safari Browser for Windows has Died?

Is it over and it’s not continued anymore?

Many people speculate this matter… whether Safari for Windows development won’t be continued or just pending? According to SOT assumption, Apple did not stop Safari for Windows development, but in this new Safari, there are some features which is able to work well only in the latest Mac Lion. The evidence is, not just Windows users couldn’t update their Safari into the latest version, but also MAC OS user before Mountain Lion… Snow Leopard for example?

How Safari for Windows users would be?

If you’re Safari for Windows browser users, you should be satisfied with last version Safari for Windows, which is version 1.5.7. No update to version 6 which has just been released by Apple. But you don’t have to worry, because you’re not alone. Safari users for Mac OS before Lion also experienced the same thing, so you got many friends here…

How about Windows user who haven’t tried Safari?

Although Safari download page for Windows has erased by Apple, but the download link is still available in their server. Here is Safari for Windows, direct download link from Apple official server!

This Apple step is disappointing many parties, especially Mac users before Lion version. They disappointed since Apple started to create product which unsupport with OS they made themselves. Hmm….


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  1. Brinxster says:

    Safari operates best on a Mac… most Windows users use Chrome, Firefox & IE so I can see why Apple is dumping Safari for Windows in order to just focus on making Safari best for the Mac.

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