Keep Your Password Secure with KeePass Password Safe

Password is the main security key in digital era like now. E-Banking, Social network, email and almost all other important online account has main protection consisted of username and password. If your password and username fell to wrong person, you will be end! Moreover if the password related with important account such as paypal, e-banking, etc.

Keep Your Password Secure with KeePass Password Safe

Various ways were done to protect those account, like giving different password in each account. It forced you to remember so many passwords, and it’s not easy. That’s why there needed a password manager software to manage all your password securely.

In my previous article, I once discuss one of the password manager software, that is Sticky Password. The Software is a paid software which when I made that article, you can download it for free as giveaway. In this chance, I will discuss one more password manager software which is a FREEWARE, and you can download it for free. This software is KeePass Password Safe.

KeePass Password Safe is a password manager you can use to store all your password in secure way, so you just have to remember only 1 master key password or just choose 1 key file to open all database password you’ve stored.
Password you’ve stored in KeePass Password Safe database would be encrypted with the most secure encryption recently, they are AES and Twofish.

KeePass Password Safe features you can enjoy are:

1. Strong security level of password database with various encryption, algorithm, master key, and key file protection which guarantee your password to be safely secured inside it.
2. it has two choice to open your password database, master key and key file, you can choose as your wish.
3. KeePass Password Safe didn’t need installation and it’s a portable software. There is also installer version if you’re interesting to use installer version.
4. You can export your password to TXT, HTML, XML and CSV formats
5. It is able to import password from various password manager format, such as CSV (which used often by password manager like Password Keeper and Password Agent), TXT, and 35 other formats.
6. Easy to transfer one password database from one computer to other computer.
7. You can group password according its group. Support to group password into Groups, Sub Groups, and Sub Groups inside Sub Groups.
8. It has time note when you store and edit your password
9. Support drag and drop feature, so you can do drag and drop to open an account
10. You can search and sort password easily.
11. It has Strong Random Password Generator feature to create a safe password for you
12. Support various plugin. You can also make its plugin yourselves.
13. Free and it’s also open source that free to be used

For you who want to secure your password and in case you don’t have to struggle remember it one by one, you can download KeePass Password Safe for free in this site:


KeePass Password Safe has two versions, they are classical (1.x) and Professional (2.x). Both version could be used for free.

There are many advantages provided by KeePass Password Safe Professional such as Full Unicode Support, support Windows User Account, custom string fields, multiple file attachment, enter master key on secure desktop, entry history, entry tags, has attachment viewer/editor, group notes, recycle bin, also able to see entries in sub groups, import external icons, easier in doing search with grouped result search and sort search result also equipped with synchronization feature and shared database editing.

But to install KeePass Password Safe Professional, your computer has already installed Microsoft.NET Framework version 2 and above. You can get it in this site:

My suggestion, it would be better to use KeePass Password Safe Professional since it has various features and advantages compared with KeePass Password Safe Classic.

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