LastPass: “There is no Free Password Manager Has a Super Rich Features Like This”

Yesterday, I have posted about Sticky Password Pro giveaway event from Softpedia. One of our readers, Hank, suggest an alternative password manager software: LastPass. This software is a free password manager that has fabulous features.

LastPass: “There is no Free Password Manager Has a Super Rich Features Like This”

LastPass allows users to store as many passwords as they want. Users only need to remember 1 master password instead of all passwords they have. These are the benefits when using LastPass password manager:

1. Users only need to remember one master password instead of all passwords they have.
2. Users don’t need to type username and passwords. LastPass will automatically type it with a single click of mouse button.
3. Users don’t need to fill forms when registering new accounts. LastPass automatically fill forms.
4. Users passwords and information encrypted on local PC. It’s safe from identity theft.
5. Passwords and data securely synchronized across all devices. It supports all popular browsers.
6. Besides usernames and passwords, users also can store any notes and text data.
7. Users can share their passwords with friends.
8. Users can import, export, backup and restore their passwords.
9. Users can generate hack-proof passwords.
10. Users can access and manage their data anywhere.
11. Users can backup and read the passwords from their USB key.
12. LastPast will not fill users login credentials on any phishing websites.
13. Users can use LastPass virtual screen keyboard.
14. Users can limit access into their account.
15. Users can check their password for weakness and learn how to improve its security.

With those rich features above, LastPass is slightly superior when compared with KeePass Password Safe and even Sticky Password Pro.

Users who are interested to use LastPass can download from its official download page. It supports Windows, Mac OS, Linux and also major Mobile platforms.

Download LastPass

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