Let’s Learn Playing Guitar with Guitar & Bass!

Do you silently admire the virtuosos, such as Hendrix, Satriani, Vay, or probably dreamed to play freestyle guitar picking like Sungha Jung? This time, you have a chance to learn from the very basic until you reach the guitar lords position! (Yeah, keep dreaming!) by using Guitar and Bass application.

Guitar and Bass is a Windows-base application which made you possible to learn playing fret-basis instruments (strings instruments). This application will give you various exercises to train tone, chord, and scale. Moreover, this application has so many tools such as tuner, metronome, key finder, chord finder, and others, which makes you possible to train by yourself. A Tab (Tablature) Editor can also be used to learn tab from various songs, also makes you possible to create a new tab!

Interesting? Feel free to download and install Guitar and Bass in:


In setup process, you will be offered to install SweetIM toolbar, also RegClean. Just click on decline for both applications, since I’m pretty sure it’s not your intention to get those toolbars.



When the application is launched, you’ll get welcome dialog box with 4 tabs. Each tab makes you possible to customize the program according to your need. For example, the first tab makes you possible to select instrument, tuning, and set the instrument with lefty style if you’re a dominant left-hand user.


Main interfaces provide Reference, Exercises, Tools and Tablatures menu on the left part, while music instruments you will pick, presented in the main window of this application interface.


There are also File, Reference, Exercises, Tools, Tablatures and Options menu on the upper side. Each menu has several options related with music learning. Some of them (Reference, Exercises, and Tools) also available on the left side. Reference menu provided access to dialog box of Common Chords, Intervals, Chord Builder, Scales and Keys, while exercise tab makes you possible to train playing the instruments using some forms of Fretboard, Keys, Scales and Ear Training exercise.

Tools menu feature consisted of Tuner, Metronome, Jam Band, Key Finder and Chord Finder.


Click on Options and select setup to change application setting related with Instruments, Tuning, Sounds, Tablature, Scales, Chords, Audio and Exercises.


Exciting, isn’t it?! Let’s learn guitar or other string music instruments by this application! Don’t let your guitar dusted just because you cannot play it! You can impress your girlfriend or other friends by playing song to reveal your feeling. Surely, practice diligently is absolutely needed!

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