LibreOffice : Free Office Software for Microsoft Office Alternative

Microsoft Office is quite expensive!! Everyone knows that. Since office Software is a ‘must’ application to be installed in PC, many people force themselves to buy Microsoft Office, even dare to use its pirated version. For you who want to use office application for your computer, but don’t want to buy that expensive Microsoft office, Libre Office would be free office application for you.

For you who never heard about Libre Office, it is “another version” of Open Office. Libre Office developer previously developed Open Office, and now has resigned from Oracle and build his own company, Document Foundation. Now Open Office is developed by Oracle and Libre Office developed by ex-developer of Open Office.

LibreOffice: Free Office Software for Microsoft Office Alternative

LibreOffice: Free Office Software for Microsoft Office Alternative

Libre Office is office open source application which could be downloaded and installed free. This office software could also be used in Windows, Macintosh (Mac OS), and linux. Libre Office has similar feature with Microsoft Office and has 6 processing document application like Libre Office Writer (alternative of Microsoft Word), Libre Office Calc (alternative of Microsoft Excel), Libre Office Impress (alternative of Microsoft Powerpoint), Libre office draw (alternative of Microsoft visio), Libre office Math (alternative of Microsoft Equation), Libre Office Base (alternative of Microsoft Access).


Libre Office features:

1. Office application which could be downloaded and installed free.

2. Support more than 30 languages.

3. LGPL Public license, so you could use, modify, and copy it free.

4. Free full support whether from free user support community or developer support.

5. Libre Office is an open source community-driven project, where everyone could participate to develop LibreOffice better.

6. Similar feature and benefit with Microsoft Office.


Steps to download free Office LibreOffice application:

1. visit this site:


2. Select your computer operating system and LibreOffice language you want to download

Choose Operating System and LibreOffice Language


3. Click on download link as in the figure:

Download LibreOffice for Free


4. Download and save LibreOffice installer. After download process finished, Libre Office has ready to be installed as free office application in your computer.


My Review about Libre Office (Libre Office VS Microsoft Office)

The Good of LibreOffice:

1. LibreOffice is a free office application which also free to be spread, while Microsoft Office is an expensive office

application (Microsoft Office Professional is sold $499.99!!)

2. LibreOffice has similar feature and function like Microsoft Office.

3. LibreOffice could be used to open document which used Microsoft Office format


The Bad LibreOffice:

1. for you who get used to use Microsoft Office, there are several different button and function with Microsoft Office, so you need a little bit fixation in using it.

2. sometimes in opening file with Microsoft Office format (.doc, .xls, .ppt etc), some format like paragraph management, table arrangement etc became mess.


Final Verdict:

For you who has no budget to buy Microsoft Office, LibreOffice is the BEST alternative office you could use. It is better than force yourself to use pirated Microsoft Office which sometimes not safe since it is easy to insert spyware, virus, and other malicious program in it, it would be better to use Libre Office. My Final Verdict is, LibreOffice is RECOMMENDED to INSTALL!! But decision is still in your hand:)

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