Limiting Computer Volume with Sound Lock

Night is often considered as good time to watch movie. But it won’t be good if the movie sound will disturb your sleeping family or neighbor. Set the volume manually along the film played would bothering us. Moreover, if you havent’ watched the movie before.

To overcome such matter, SOT will discuss about software you can use to limit your computer volume, which is Sound Lock. So, when the movie you watched the volume will be raising, it won’t be effected because this software made the volume stay stable.

Limiting Computer Volume with Sound Lock

First, download this software and do installation process. To open it, you’ll just have to click on Sound Lock icon, then you can manage the volume by sliding the slider and clicking on “on” button.

After you set it, this Sound Lock will start to monitor the computer volume system. So, if the movie you’re watching in calm scenes, the volume will be moderate, but in tense scenes, the volume can be loud all of sudden, so Sound Lock will automatically limit their own volume as setting you’ve managed before.

Download Sound Lock from this link:

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