Little Known Software to Get Your Computer Escape from Hung State

Have you ever frustrated when you get your computer hung and your task manager become unresponsive? Few days ago I experienced it. My computer hung because I open too much programs and it consume too much CPU and memory resource. The mouse still moves but all the programs are unresponsive. I can’t open, switch and even close all programs. The bad news is my task manager become unresponsive too! At that time, there is no any better choices than press my computer reset button. After I restart my computer, I’m looking for a software that could safe me when the same thing happen again in the future. And guess what…after few hours of googling and testing, then I found that “Magical” Anti Freeze Software!

Little Known Software to Get Your Computer Escape from Hung State

What is AntiFreeze?

AntiFreeze is one of the best software to make your computer escape from a hung state. This software could be your last weapon to close down all resource consuming programs even when your task manager also become unresponsive. When your computer on a hung state, AntiFreeze will put any programs to sleep except the critical ones so you can save or recover your work. You’ll never lose your works anymore.

When you used AntiFreeze?

When your computer on a hung state and your task manager (CTRL + ALT + DEL) become unresponsive, AntiFreeze could be the last software to safe you from that freeze condition. Simply press (ALT + CTRL + WIN + HOME) and AntiFreeze will suspend most the running programs and left the important ones. Then an emergency task manager will show up. You can end process other programs that consume a lot of resource to escape from that hung state and left the programs where you’re working on. Using this way, you will not lose your works even when a hung state attack your computer.

Where I can get AntiFreeze?

You can download AntiFreeze from this link below:

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