Lock Keyboard and Mouse Button Using Kidkeylock

If we have little brother/sister or child, they used to be happy playing with computer keyboard or mouse. If the computer active, when they pressed any button in keyboard, it would bother us, since they could erase data or make running process to be disturbed. It can be overcome by free software KidKeyLock.

This simple program functioned to lock keyboard and mouse button although the keyboard button is clicked or pressed randomly, Windows won’t respond or react to it, so it would be useful if kids playing with keyboard often.

Lock Keyboard and Mouse Button Using Kidkeylock

Application for Windows 2000, Xp, Vista and windows 7 beside have small and free size, there’s also portable version. The usage is also easy. After you run the program, the program would be on the right-below of the screen ( system tray) in icon with key figure. To activate or lock the keyboard, just click on the icon and select the menu you wanted.

Some KidKeyLock features are:

1. There’s a portable version available, so it can be run directly and no need to install.

2. Access simplicity through icon tray

3. Locking Mouse, including left, middle, right buttons, double click and scroll in the mouse ( all can be done, or select each button)

4. Locking keyboard, including Standard button (alphabet, number, punctuation mark), additional button ( home, del, ins, etc), and windows shortcut (alt-tab, windows button, etc)

When the keyboard button is locked, we can open the key through click on this program icon and select “Lock no keys” menu. If mouse button also non-activated, to open it, we should use keyboard buttons combination which we previously set from “setup” menu. For complete information, feel free to visit KidKeyLock website.

Lock Keyboard and Mouse Button Using KidKeyLock

There’s installer version installer available ( we should install it first to run it ) and also portable version ( in zip, we just have to open zip and extract the content, then view folder bin and run file kidkeylock.exe). Please select it as you need, because the function is similar, as explained above, this program can be run in windows 2000, Xp, Vista and windows 7.

Download installer version of KidKeyLock_setup.exe ( 757 KB) or Portable version of KidKeyLock.zip ( 536 KB)

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