Lunascape : All in One browser with Triple Engine and Triple Add-on

Have you imagine to use 3 browser engines at once when surfing the internet? Lunascape browser can give such experience to you. Combination of 3 popular engine browser, they are Internet Explorer (Trident), Mozilla Firefox (Gecko), and Chrome and Safari (Webkit), you can feel the combination of each browser ability. Lunascape combine performance, feature, speed, and security from all three engine browser into one all in one browser: Lunascape!

What’s the additional value of this Lunascape browser?

1. Lunascape has 3 engine browser at once, they are IE (Trident) + Firefox (Gecko) + Chrome and Safari (Webkit).

Lunascape has 3 engine browser at once

You can manage which engine you want to use as your intention and need. Example, just as we knew, the best security still holds by Trident browser engine, so that you can arrange all your online banking website with Trident engine.
While the fastest rendering speed is still held by Gecko or Webkit Engine, so you can arrange using the engine to open facebook, gmail, etc. After an arrangement process, when you open the pages, Lunascape will automatically open it with engine you had managed previously.

2. Lunascape is a fast and light browser.

Lunascape is a fast and light browser

After got through some test phase, Lunascape is 7 times faster than IE7 and faster 6.5 times than IE8

3. It has complete tools for web developer.

Lunascape has complete tools for web developer

For you who were web developer, using Lunascape browser will treat you well. It’s because Lunascape is equipped with a bunch of tools for web developer such as view source of website page with some option, check site design, web inspector and there still so many features.

4. Free to be customized

Lunascape can be modified with more than 200 ready skins, even you can make it yourself. The features is also flexible to be modified.

5. It can be installed with Mozilla Firefox Add On.

Lunascape can be installed with Mozilla Firefox Add On

One of the strength of Mozilla Firefox is various and many add on supports. Those add on also can be used in Lunascape, so you can get benefit from all Mozilla Firefox add on without using Mozilla!.

For you who want to try the advanced of this triple engine browser, you can download it in this link:


Then choose Full Installer as the language you wanted, and click on “download”

Download Lunascape

After the installer is downloaded, you can start to install them and try the benefit of Lunascape Browser.


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