MachStudio Pro 2 : 3D Virtualization and Rendering Software Now is Going Free! (Save $3,999!!)

This is the craziest freebies I ever posted at spyontech. Yea..I say this crazy because this software now is going free from its super expensive price before. MachStudio Pro 2, 3D virtualization and rendering software which previously sold for $3,999 now is completely free! StudioGPU, its developer, share MachStudio Pro 2 for free so you could get it, install and use it without need to pay anything!

MachStudio Pro 2 is stand alone 3D virtualization and rendering software that lets 3D artist create and manipulate lights, materials, and HDR cameras in a real-time and non-linear workflow environtment to achieve film quality results.

If you ever seen DVDs of Princess Twins of Legendale, Livin’ It Up with the Bratz, Glitz ‘n Glamour, PlayMobil, or A-Bomb, all those 3D film used MachStudio Pro 2 as their rendering and virtualization software.

MachStudio Pro 2 : 3D Virtualization and Rendering Software in Action

MachStudio Pro 2 : 3D Virtualization and Rendering Software in Action

MachStudio Pro 2 : 3D Virtualization and Rendering Software in Action

MachStudio Pro 2 would be very useful for work in most any 3D creative pipeline such as game development, animation film, architecture, broadcast, pre-viz, CAD (Computer Assisted Design) and even profut design.

MachStudio Pro 2 is not 3D modelling or 3D creation software like Blender. It’s a 3D virtualization and Rendering software. When you brought 3D models and animation from any Computer Graphic (CG) software to MachStudio Pro 2, you will get access to lighting, ambient occlusion, maretials, cameras, High Dynamic Range (HDR) exposures and other features to explore all aspects of your 3D models in real time. Using MachStudio Pro 2, you’ll get a real 3D models and animation in fast and easy way.

Now you can download MachStudio Pro 2 which previously sold for $3,999 from this link below:


To make this software run perfectly, your should meet MachStudio Pro 2 minimum requirements below:

1. Use minimum Intel pentium 4 or higher, AMD athlon 64, or AMD Opteron processor.

2. Your computer should has minimum 2GB of RAM.

3. Your computer should Has minimum 2GB free space.

4. Your computer should has 1GB directX 11 compliant video card.

5. You used Microsoft Windows Vista Business or Windows 7 OS (Both 32 bit or 64 bit is okay)

You could find MachStudio Pro 2 Basic Tutorial from this site below:

If you think why StudioGPU share this expensive software for free, I think it’s because they want to make MachStudio Pro 2 popular and they want to create a viable business model to generating revenue from support, training and consulting services. This is absolutely a win-win solution for you who need a fast and powerfull Virtualization and Rendering Software with no cost!

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