MakaGiga: All-Round Application! (Review)

We used to work using some software to manage schedule, working unfinished task, or typing. Various kind of software used would surely cause our work difficult. It would be great if all the tasks can be done in an application. It would surely make your work more efficient. Is it a software which able to support it? Yes it is. MakaGiga is the answer. This Software can help you to finish various works by your finger touch. So, you won’t be bothered to finish various tasks with various applications.

MakaGiga: All-Round Application! (Review)

Various basic needs to fulfill one work can be found in this application. MakaGiga provides easiness without exchanging to one utility to other utility. Calendar, task, notepad are available and ready to be used for you. This software also provide widget for additional in the future.


This application setup file capacity is 3.2 MB with installation process run below one minute. It’s enough just by following wizard provided, then you’ll get this application installed on your PC. Setup file can be downloaded in its official site at Here, you will also get manual how to install MakaGiga.


For a freeware, developer has developed this application maturely. You can enjoy this software with various features provided without any money paid. From test we’ve done, here found some attractive features such as:

1. Todo Manager – By todo manager you can manage everything you should work on according to its importance and urgency level, so all assignments can be done well and arranged.

2. Notepad – This Feature is provided to make various note which can help you in finishing the task.

3. Widget – By widget availability, you can add some assistant functionals such as calendar, sticky notes, or other widget.

4. Plugin –plugin availability can help with other ability planted such as image viewer and RSS Feeder. So, you can do your task related with provided plugin.

A series of test done to this software showed satisfying result. By simple design just like other Windows software, this utility is easy enough for its operating. Here are some results from test we’ve done:

Feature – All features provided, started from widget, todo manager, notepad, plugin, all can run well without any obstacle. Features provided are really helpful to finish various tasks and also add this software’s functional.

Stability – Stability level of this application is also good enough and has no problem. Started from installation, test, usage, and uninstall, this application showed no crash or error program, whether caused by bug or software stability with other software existed before.

Cross Platform – One of the attractor factor of this program is its ability to run in various OS platform. For Windows itself, this application is able to run in Windows XP, 2000, Vista 2008, and 7. Besides, for you, Linux user, you can also enjoy MakaGiga.


You can modify or distribute this software without worrying about illegal issues matter. All of these can be done because this utility is an application based on opensource code. Meanwhile, for new user, you don’t have to worry since MakaGiga provides file guidance.


This Software is really suitable for employee or student who has many tasks to be done. The main attraction of this application is its ability in processing various works in one application. Performance owed by this software can be relied on. Opensource as code source used by this utility can be modified as you need.


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Platform : Linux dan Windows OS
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