Making Wiki just like Computer Wikipedia using WikidPad

Who doesn’t know about Wikipedia? A rich-information site is really popular because it makes the visitor easier in finding various information in the internet. Whoever want to create site like Wikipedia, in fact is able to use MediaWiki platform, but how if we want to create Wiki in computer locally?

If you want to make Wiki in your computer locally, you can use WikidPad. WikidPad actually is an alternative software for notepad, with advanced feature like Wiki. It can be said that, it is a combination between Wiki and Notepad.

Making Wiki just like Computer Wikipedia using WikidPad

By this application, you can store various idea, plan, information, contact, etc, and automatically all of the information connected with other information. So, if the information you’ve made contained a word “SpyOnTech” for example, and previously you have inserted information about “SpyOnTech”, the word would be a clickable link. Just same as you often find in Wikipedia, all information is connected to another information.

You can use WikidPad to store contact, idea, and information you wanted. So, if finally the information are too many, you can find it easily.

Making Wiki just like Computer Wikipedia using WikidPad

WikidPad is an open source you can download here:

Although it is easy to be used, but you need quite long time to get used to with WikiPad, so you can use it smoothly. Moreover, Help documentation provided by this software tend to explain all of the feature than teaching a beginner.

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